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Monday, September 30, 2013

Is olive oil healthy?

Mediterrenean diet, science claims to be good for you. It was not cause of the olive oil:


to produce 1litre of olive oil you need 22kg or 44 pounds of olives. That means 1 Tbsp equals 0,33 kg or 0,66 pounds of olives! :-O actually i´ve never thought about that. It´s much easier to eat one Tbsp of oil than the amount of olives their made of. With the olive pulp goes away a lot of nutrients and fiber what´s left ist the fat with some vitamins. When you heat olive oil these vitamins get destroyed easely by frying and dangerous trans-fats are formed.  All plant oils are stable to a certain temperature.Olive oil is stable the longest but not the "virgine extra" kind.


Trans- fats are dangerous because there not common in nature. The cis conformation  of an unsaturated fat is the normal condition (see picture).

The lipids (fats) in your membrane concists of saturated and CIS unsaturated fats, there is no meant use for trans- fats.When their highly build into your membranes they change the permeability of them. So the cells don´t funktion the way they should.

Trans fats in general rises your risks of:
  • coronary heart disease because trans fats rises the BAD LDL cholesterol
  • alzheimer´s disease
  • cancer 
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • liver disfunktion
  •  and others



Trans fats are everywhere where:
 a) unsaturated fats (liquid at room temperature) are chemicaly hydrogened into unsaturated fats (trans fats are the byprodukts of this reaction). --> keep away hydrogened fats
b) when  plant oils are heated (espacially where plant oils are kept on high temperature for a log time) they´re formes. Trans fats decreases by the temperature and time of the heated PLANT oil. Best example deep fried stuff like fries. EVERY SINGLE DEEP FRIED PRODUKT as well as baked goods (they use plant oils a lot becaus it´s cheap) contains trans fats. --> keep away of deep fried (!) things and at least decrease industrialiezed baked goods


not exactly. Your right saturated fats are much more stable than unsaturated fats.

Saturated fats; solid at room temperature: coconut oil, all animal oils, palmoil,etc
Unsaturated fats;oils; liquid at room temperature: olive oil, grape seed oil, conola oil, etc

(now´s the big but...) BUT most saturated fats aren´t good for your health either espacially when their from animal.


It´s not optimum to cook with oil but there´s one phrase we have in germany "there´s one death you gotta die" it means you can´t possibly do everything right, So do the best you can.

So my attemp do do as healthy as possible with this matter are these steps:
1. throw away EVRY oil except olive oil and coconut oil. There the best mong all.
2. use as little oil as possible by spraying your pans with oil
3. use oil sparingly, try out new ways of cooking like frying in liquids (water, broth, wine,...), simply steam your vegetable or use your oven.
4. use whole fats like avocados, olives and most importantly: nuts and nut purees(without added, salt, sugar or oil) as a source of healthy fats, there whole and delicous ;). BUT most nuts contain a lot of omega 6 fats. Therefore you have to keep the balance by adding flaxseed or chia seeds to your diet. BUT DON`T HEAT THEM. (exception is an vegan egg where you use those as a component, but the healthy fats get "lost" that way). You should one to three serving omega 6 rich nuts (all nuts and seeds with the exception of flaxseeds and chia seeds) and one serving of omega 3 rich seeds (flax, chia) daily. One serving equals 1 tablespoon.

This last information is the most important of all, some plant based dietition lack these information or they don´t emphasize on it so much. But it is really important to have a daily omega 3 source, because it´s vital for our bodies.

I hope it was an informative post

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi there, im heathy again ;)!!!!

Now something personal.
I´ve been suffering carbophibia for about 3 years now. I resticted it to a minimum. I can tell you it wasn´t a good time. I´ve learned that carbs are no bad.
Nevertheless PROCESSED carbs and foods like white flour, (flours in general but whole flours are at least better), sugar and the products out of it are bad for you.

They raise your blood sugar to much, because their easily broken down to glucose --> insulin respone is high--> sugar get stored --> blood sugar falls down --> you get hungry again 

+ refined stuff doesn´t has the nutriants your budy is asking for so what´s your body gonna do? right. It´s keeping you hungry till you give your body the nutriants it´s begging for.

  • as little processed as possible
  • whole foods

Why I went on the low carb train you wanna know?

Actually it´s a very long story, i try to summ it up. I wanted to stabalize my weight and to be healthy so I read every information out there that I got. About three years ago I came across  GLYX which said that protein and the right fat is necessary for your body. But as the time passed by I limited my meat consumtion more and more till I didn´t want to eat it anymore. I was eating an unhealthy diet that time so I wasn´t really feeling very well. I thought it was because protein was missing in my diet but to be honest I hardly ate anything. How was this suppossed to make me energized? I was still confused and than read about the paleo diet about half a year ago.

It tells you not to eat grains, pulses, cheese, milk and refined stuff. You should eat meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, fats and innard (ICK!!!!!!).  Your body is designed to eat meat, they say. That was the reason why our brains started to grow, they claim. You won´t have weight problams anymore while being on a paleo diet, you´re energized and healthy, they say. Paleo people showed there weight loss and told about an increase energy level.

I read this when I already was a vegan. I would have NEVER followed this lifestyle but it kept me thinking if i was doing the right thing to my body. I was confused and restricted my carb intake.
Paleo promoters claim our ancestors to have eaten a LOT of meat. I didn´t want to harm my body but didn´t want to harm an animal either by eating it. So I ate a lot of legumes, tofu or just nothing. 

But I found an interesting thing. You would expact to the promoters of  Paleo to be slim right?  right? because it´s impossible to be overweight as a paleo? right? 
(to be overweight is connected with illnesses so if you´re overweight something isn´working as it should. impossible if paleo is healthy, right? )

Watch this: I´m NEVER EVER  gonna believe a paleo promoter XD:

The second video is about an antrophologist who studied the diet of our ancestors his whole live. 

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- and their causes

Because i´m sick I´m not really motivated in posting recipes and espacially in eating.
Soooo I´m gonna feed you with information ;).

This video is from Dr Campbell, who´s  been dealing with food/health for 30-50 years. He grew up at a farm (they sold milk) and followed the tipicall american diet to the day he found out what was causing the tipicall american diseases.

Even if you disagree with him he gives you a lot to think about. For me he´s a kind of hero. He came from a backround where he had NO interesst in claiming anything to the public like industies do, to rise their transaction volume.

AGAIN: I want you to watch it critically. ;) Enjoy!


the things I like about him is, that he doesn´t reduce eating and health to one mineral or vitamin, he tries to sees it as a whole. There aren´t a lot of people out there that do that.

I disagee to build up a theory on animal testing. Other spieces react diffrently on certain patterns.
I wouldn´t believe him if he build up his widsom on animal testing. BUT he has joined human studies. So for me  it is believeable what he says but anyway you have to decide ON YOUR OWN ;). 

(sorry for my weak english skills, i hope you get what a wanna say ^^°)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Loosing weight without loosing your mind

I personally think this information is worthwile. It gave me a lot to think about actually.
I recommand you to analyse every given information critically. Enjoy! ;D

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to prepare beans without "big gas"

I get bloated every time i eat beans out of the can or when badly prepared. It hurts so bad (my right abdominal is VERY sensitive) that I didn´t eat a lot of beans when I was a child, actually till approximately 2 years ago. You know what changed it? These Steps, and God I´m so thankfull.
I don´t get any problems with beans when I follow these steps. Come on give it a try ;)!

By the way even if your not following a vegan diet like me, beans are a very cheap way to get your proteins. Plus there full of Vitamin Bs, folic acid and fiber. This is gonna keep you full. So if you wanna save some money,get some weight down and get healthy try to include legumes in genaral more often in your daily eating. TO THE BEANS!

Step (calculates per cup of beans):
  1. soak the beans over night (6-12  hours)
  2. dispose the soaking water (I know hydrophile vitamins get away too BUT bloating decreases)
  3. you give the beans in a pot with a lot of water (per cup beans: 3-4 cups of water)
  4. per cup soaked beans you take a litte of algea (Alicia Silverstone recomments 2,5 cm long piece of Kombu, I take one 1cm piece of dries Wakame) and give it to the beans
  5. take a thunb big peace of ginger, 2-3 allspiece, 1-2 bayleaves. 
  6. bring it to the boil and dispose the forming foam.
  7. (if you have less time give 1 tsp of baking soda, afer disposing foam. beans soften quicker this way)
  8. cook the beans for 50-90 minutes till they are soft
  9. IMPORTANT: alsways check it the beans get burned at the bottom of the pot and give new water in the pot if necessary.

Tricks to make beans even better digestable
  • give hot spices at your meal (e.g. chilli, pepper, curry,...) please just don´t overdo it
  • put a bit of lemon juice or raw vinegar at the END of mealpeparation (enzymes get destroyed otherwised, and they help you digest!)

Something little me

Hi you guys out there, my name´s (Jo) asia and I´m a nice person xD, yeah i doubt that too.

Anyway I´m vegan and this is my blog to show what I cook (or try to cause it´s mostly gonna end up in something messy).
I study nutitional science (Freshman), and know a loooot about it, but have collected that wisdom myself. I try to combine that wisdom with food (yummy thing to do ^=_=^)

My recepies are:
- wholesome
- low-fat
- vegan (obvious ain´t it?)
- (mostly) glutenfree

This is my first attempt to write an english blog. I´m a German so don´t be to harsh to me whenever i write complete bullshit (spelling, grammar etc.).

I call myself a cat (japanese: neko) beacuse i love to cuddle and can even PURR (Yeah that´s right ^^).

I eat a lot of legumes, my diet consits of the combined guidlines of PCRM of which Dr. Barnard is the founder of and some other doctors. I´m gonna introduce them soon.

I wish you lots of wisdom and yummy filled belly´s on my blog! See you soon!