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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Hi there, im heathy again ;)!!!!

Now something personal.
I´ve been suffering carbophibia for about 3 years now. I resticted it to a minimum. I can tell you it wasn´t a good time. I´ve learned that carbs are no bad.
Nevertheless PROCESSED carbs and foods like white flour, (flours in general but whole flours are at least better), sugar and the products out of it are bad for you.

They raise your blood sugar to much, because their easily broken down to glucose --> insulin respone is high--> sugar get stored --> blood sugar falls down --> you get hungry again 

+ refined stuff doesn´t has the nutriants your budy is asking for so what´s your body gonna do? right. It´s keeping you hungry till you give your body the nutriants it´s begging for.

  • as little processed as possible
  • whole foods

Why I went on the low carb train you wanna know?

Actually it´s a very long story, i try to summ it up. I wanted to stabalize my weight and to be healthy so I read every information out there that I got. About three years ago I came across  GLYX which said that protein and the right fat is necessary for your body. But as the time passed by I limited my meat consumtion more and more till I didn´t want to eat it anymore. I was eating an unhealthy diet that time so I wasn´t really feeling very well. I thought it was because protein was missing in my diet but to be honest I hardly ate anything. How was this suppossed to make me energized? I was still confused and than read about the paleo diet about half a year ago.

It tells you not to eat grains, pulses, cheese, milk and refined stuff. You should eat meat, fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, fats and innard (ICK!!!!!!).  Your body is designed to eat meat, they say. That was the reason why our brains started to grow, they claim. You won´t have weight problams anymore while being on a paleo diet, you´re energized and healthy, they say. Paleo people showed there weight loss and told about an increase energy level.

I read this when I already was a vegan. I would have NEVER followed this lifestyle but it kept me thinking if i was doing the right thing to my body. I was confused and restricted my carb intake.
Paleo promoters claim our ancestors to have eaten a LOT of meat. I didn´t want to harm my body but didn´t want to harm an animal either by eating it. So I ate a lot of legumes, tofu or just nothing. 

But I found an interesting thing. You would expact to the promoters of  Paleo to be slim right?  right? because it´s impossible to be overweight as a paleo? right? 
(to be overweight is connected with illnesses so if you´re overweight something isn´working as it should. impossible if paleo is healthy, right? )

Watch this: I´m NEVER EVER  gonna believe a paleo promoter XD:

The second video is about an antrophologist who studied the diet of our ancestors his whole live. 

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