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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to prepare beans without "big gas"

I get bloated every time i eat beans out of the can or when badly prepared. It hurts so bad (my right abdominal is VERY sensitive) that I didn´t eat a lot of beans when I was a child, actually till approximately 2 years ago. You know what changed it? These Steps, and God I´m so thankfull.
I don´t get any problems with beans when I follow these steps. Come on give it a try ;)!

By the way even if your not following a vegan diet like me, beans are a very cheap way to get your proteins. Plus there full of Vitamin Bs, folic acid and fiber. This is gonna keep you full. So if you wanna save some money,get some weight down and get healthy try to include legumes in genaral more often in your daily eating. TO THE BEANS!

Step (calculates per cup of beans):
  1. soak the beans over night (6-12  hours)
  2. dispose the soaking water (I know hydrophile vitamins get away too BUT bloating decreases)
  3. you give the beans in a pot with a lot of water (per cup beans: 3-4 cups of water)
  4. per cup soaked beans you take a litte of algea (Alicia Silverstone recomments 2,5 cm long piece of Kombu, I take one 1cm piece of dries Wakame) and give it to the beans
  5. take a thunb big peace of ginger, 2-3 allspiece, 1-2 bayleaves. 
  6. bring it to the boil and dispose the forming foam.
  7. (if you have less time give 1 tsp of baking soda, afer disposing foam. beans soften quicker this way)
  8. cook the beans for 50-90 minutes till they are soft
  9. IMPORTANT: alsways check it the beans get burned at the bottom of the pot and give new water in the pot if necessary.

Tricks to make beans even better digestable
  • give hot spices at your meal (e.g. chilli, pepper, curry,...) please just don´t overdo it
  • put a bit of lemon juice or raw vinegar at the END of mealpeparation (enzymes get destroyed otherwised, and they help you digest!)

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