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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Animal Protein -- Meat and Dairy -- and their causes

Because i´m sick I´m not really motivated in posting recipes and espacially in eating.
Soooo I´m gonna feed you with information ;).

This video is from Dr Campbell, who´s  been dealing with food/health for 30-50 years. He grew up at a farm (they sold milk) and followed the tipicall american diet to the day he found out what was causing the tipicall american diseases.

Even if you disagree with him he gives you a lot to think about. For me he´s a kind of hero. He came from a backround where he had NO interesst in claiming anything to the public like industies do, to rise their transaction volume.

AGAIN: I want you to watch it critically. ;) Enjoy!


the things I like about him is, that he doesn´t reduce eating and health to one mineral or vitamin, he tries to sees it as a whole. There aren´t a lot of people out there that do that.

I disagee to build up a theory on animal testing. Other spieces react diffrently on certain patterns.
I wouldn´t believe him if he build up his widsom on animal testing. BUT he has joined human studies. So for me  it is believeable what he says but anyway you have to decide ON YOUR OWN ;). 

(sorry for my weak english skills, i hope you get what a wanna say ^^°)

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