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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something little me

Hi you guys out there, my name´s (Jo) asia and I´m a nice person xD, yeah i doubt that too.

Anyway I´m vegan and this is my blog to show what I cook (or try to cause it´s mostly gonna end up in something messy).
I study nutitional science (Freshman), and know a loooot about it, but have collected that wisdom myself. I try to combine that wisdom with food (yummy thing to do ^=_=^)

My recepies are:
- wholesome
- low-fat
- vegan (obvious ain´t it?)
- (mostly) glutenfree

This is my first attempt to write an english blog. I´m a German so don´t be to harsh to me whenever i write complete bullshit (spelling, grammar etc.).

I call myself a cat (japanese: neko) beacuse i love to cuddle and can even PURR (Yeah that´s right ^^).

I eat a lot of legumes, my diet consits of the combined guidlines of PCRM of which Dr. Barnard is the founder of and some other doctors. I´m gonna introduce them soon.

I wish you lots of wisdom and yummy filled belly´s on my blog! See you soon!

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